(800) 924-4012
(800) 924-4012
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Step One: Click here to complete our online assessment. This will take you to an external website where our admissions assessments are securely stored.

Step Two: Call us at 1 (800) 924-4012 to schedule your assessment review phone call.

Step Three: Your tour or admission appointment can be scheduled as quickly as you need it.


We are here to talk with you

An admissions representative is available to discuss admissions and answer questions Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST. If your situation is urgent we suggest you complete our online assessment to expedite the process.

Please feel welcome to call (800) 924-4012 and leave a message or email us after hours or on weekends at admissions@evangelhouse.com and we will contact you expeditiously. Following completion of the admission assessment, we encourage a tour of our campus to meet the students and faculty. References from parents, students, and professionals are provided at your request.

We are on your side

We see our mission as a calling to be a Christian option in the marketplace of extremely high quality residential treatment options.

Evangelhouse Christian Academy works solely in the interest of its students and their families. While it is common practice among other Christian programs, ECA does not engage in any form of unethical admission practices such as paying for referrals, selling “leads” to other programs, or any other quid pro quo relationships with referral sources.

Evangelhouse Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin in administration of its admission policies, education policies, or administered services.

If you would like to explore Evangelhouse as an option for your family, complete our free online assessment and we will schedule a no obligation call to review it with you. You can check out our criteria page to learn more about the types of problems we can help. If Evangelhouse is not a fit we offer a Christian treatment and educational consultancy that will empower you to match the right program to your family’s needs.

Year-round open admissions

Evangelhouse all girls, private boarding school is a twelve-month, year-round school which means your daughter may be admitted at any point in the year.

Immediate availability

Immediate openings are available. We can usually accommodate you in as few as 24 hours if needed.

Admissions questions? Call us at (800) 924-4012 or complete the contact form below.

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