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All Girls Boarding School

We are an all girls boarding school serving students in the US and beyond.  We serve girls with unique needs that seek a Christian environment.

We understand you have many choices when it comes to picking the right all girls boarding school for your daughter. That’s why we have created Evangelhouse to fit a certain student profile that distinguishes us from other all girls boarding schools in the marketplace. Evangelhouse is the ideal fit for a teen girl that needs more emotional support than boarding schools that focus primarily on academics. While our academic department is exceptional, we are unique in that we offer quality therapeutic services over a Christian backdrop.

The Evangelhouse private boarding school for girls was established in 1995 to serve Christian families with a quality boarding school option for teen girls with therapeutic needs including individual and group counseling services.  Evangelhouse pioneered a treatment model that blends licensed behavioral healthcare with the structure of a traditional Christian boarding school.  Since then, it has evolved to become the premier non-denominational Christian option in the marketplace of high-quality teen residential treatment centers.

Private Therapeutic School For Girls Only

Evangelhouse all girls, private boarding school is a twelve-month, year-round school which means your daughter may be admitted at any point in the year. If you have any questions about the program please call us at 1-800-924-4012 or visit our contact page.

Parents often prefer to find a program that can create some distance from their daughter’s current stressors. This is so she will focus on the issues at hand, and not focus on her boyfriend, friends, pets, or family while getting treatment. Also, the temptation to call a friend to “rescue” her is diminished with some distance. While we are located in Louisana, we have enrolled girls from all 50-states. 

Spiritual growth is a unique aspect of the Evangelhouse program. Students are urged to take notes during church sermons, establish personal bible study habits, and set aside time for prayer. 

Every school day begins with a student-led group prayer and devotional reflection for the day. Before participating in a peer-led prayer group each night before bed, the group is given time for personal contemplation. Weekly group meetings are arranged to share challenges and offer support to the peer group. Each individual is also supervised and guided by staff members as they build healthy spiritual disciplines.

Many young girls have found their place in the world and lived a life of faith thanks to the Evangelhouse experiential education and family counseling method. Our Christian life-coaching program provides adolescent girls the self-assurance they need to face challenges and succeed. We urge kids to apply biblical principles to real-life circumstances and to rely on these principles to assist them through their adolescent years and beyond.

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    Therapy is the cornerstone of our treatment program. Click on a button to learn about individual therapy, group therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy offered at Evangelhouse Christian Academy.



    Evangelhouse Christian Academy is a Christian boarding school based upon biblical principles.


    We integrate professional therapeutic services with Christian, biblical values.


    Our licensed teachers with advanced degrees administer a nationally accredited curriculum.


    Every student is included as a valued member of the peer group and part of the positive peer culture.


    Students learn assertiveness, empowerment, mood management, and character development.


    Within each Lifeleaf stage, students have professional feedback to guide their progress and behavior.

    Why Attend Evangelhouse Girls Boarding School?

    Here are the top reasons girls enroll in Evangelhouse Christian Academy:

    1. Distance- we are far from the distractions of home including boys, current peer group who may have caused the teen difficulty, and stress of living at home.
    2. Focus on therapy – we have qualified, caring staff providing 24/7 emotional support to our girls.
    3. Quality academics – Evangelhouse has an accredited academic program so your daughter won’t fall behind and can catch up if needed.
    4. Reputation – Evangelhouse has created a high-quality therapeutic program in a small, home-like setting.
    5. Christian setting – Your daughter will reconnect with God, and find the motivation to make the right decisions in life.

    At Evanglehouse Christian Academy, we see a lot of teen girls who are trying to find their place in society and want to be recognized and appreciated for who they are. Many of the young ladies we work with at Evangelhouse are dealing with anxiety and insecurity, and the root cause can be often traced back to a social media app. Often, it’s the student’s peers at their school who are causing the trouble. We address comparing ourselves to others in group therapy, and why the image you see on Instagram might not be an accurate portrayal of that person’s life.

    We understand that many girls may experience emotions of loneliness and even as far as depression as a result of not fitting in, whether that is real or imagined. Add to that, consider all of the negativity today’s teen girl finds online. Violent video games, sexualized content, bullying, hate speech, and more are readily available online. Add to this the constant comparison and competition for “likes” and followers their peers in the high school compete for. It’s no wonder so many girls report feeling depressed.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be fantastic methods for kids to engage with the world when used appropriately. On the other side, they can be quite dangerous and harmful to self-esteem and more when misused.  Our staff oversees and influences the culture of positive-peer influence at Evangelhouse. In this way, we seek to guide our students towards a more mature and responsible way of interacting and facing the dangers in today’s world.

    Why Choose a Christian Boarding School?

    Private Christian boarding schools, for the most part, are in a unique position in that they have the resources to address many of the issues raised. Drugs, violence, and gang problems are nearly unheard of in private boarding schools because they may be picky about who they accept, and anyone with a history of these issues can be simply denied admission. They also have the authority to expel pupils who do not follow school regulations.

    Unlike public schools, where a student can be suspended for a period of time and then reinstated, private schools dismiss pupils permanently and cannot be coerced to reinstate them. Private schools are also not obligated to keep teachers who aren’t up to par. Because most teachers are hired on an annual basis, those who are found to be below par are simply not awarded a contract the following year.

    Most private schools like Evangelhouse typically give students a complete range of courses, extracurricular activities, and sports not available in public schools. Finally, compared to public schools, private boarding schools have a far greater percentage of graduation and entrance into colleges and universities.

    Evangelhouse is a private Christian academy serving girls from the US and international students as well. Evangelhouse is a nationally recognized and clinically sanctioned private Christian Boarding school serving girls only. We specialize in rehabilitating behavioral, mental, and emotional issues such as personality disorders, depression, cutting (and other forms of self-harm), eating disorders, attention deficit disorders, bipolar disorder, and more.

    Our program focuses on repairing broken relationships and helping family members to reunite and grow their fractured relationships. We have four family workshops hosted on campus each year.  Our workshops are known for being effective, empowering, and eye-opening.

    Quality Academics

    We receive a diverse range of teenage girls that include students with learning difficulties, attention deficits, or trauma-related emotional illnesses. Evangelhouse Christian Academy is willing to open its door to help any teenage girl suffering emotionally and academically. Our students may have been turned away from other school settings, but if your daughter can benefit from our program then we will work with you. It is our goal to offer a traditional, academic program that is demanding while addressing our residents emotionally. 

    Ultimately, at Evangelhouse we aim to help our residents live productively, successfully, and confidently by applying the coping skills they have gained here.

    Notably, we meet our students where they are. Our academic approach is to create an individualized academic plan that defines the academic targets, and assists with their learning and therapeutic process. 

    Evangelhouse is a fully approved academic institution that can help students enhance their self-esteem, and self-efficacy, and become lifelong learners. While it is a fact that all pupils can learn; we recognize that some students need emotional and individualized support from their learning community to achieve their goals.

    One great advantage of attending Evangelhouse is our smaller class size which allows for greater personalized attention. This also allows for more hands-on, experiential learning to occur. We believe our students gain a richer, more meaningful learning experience when they are able to use appropriate learning tools in the field.  Another benefit to our program is that our academic curriculum runs year-round. This calendar lends itself well to filling in the gaps your child may have missed in their previous academic experience. When your daughter completes her academic program at Evangelhouse Christian Academy she will attend a graduation ceremony and receive an accredited diploma. A benefit of receiving an accredited diploma is that our students may transfer credits if applicable.



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