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Monthly billing

Evangelhouse requires payment on the first day of each month of enrollment. For the first month of enrollment, tuition is pro-rated at the daily rate. To be fair, Evangelhouse does not use a semester or quarterly billing system. Our contract is a month-to-month contract with a twelve-month term. If for any reason a student must transfer or withdraw, a 30-day notice is required to terminate the contract. The terms of this agreement are explained in detail in our enrollment agreement. This agreement is sent upon acceptance into the school for parents to preview.

Electronic Payments

Evangelhouse uses an ACH electronic billing system to draft monthly tuition on the first of each month. There is no cost for using ACH and it allows convenient, timely revenue collection and accountability. Parents may use any major credit card, debit, or ATM card, but there is a 2.75% fee for this. AMEX cards require a 3.75% fee.

Financing is available

For families who take advantage of the financing option, payments are made to the lender monthly on terms arranged by contract with the lender. Long term, low interest financing for the cost associated with Evangelhouse is available. You can apply now and get a quick approval.

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