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Healthy Peer Culture

Every student is included as a valued member of the peer group at Evangelhouse Christian Academy. We offer a unique social structure that cultivates 360-degree feedback from peers, parents, and professional staff. Such feedback hones students’ awareness of their behavior and its effects on themselves and others. The connection between their actions and resulting consequences is emphasized in order to develop enhanced social skills. At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, consistent social structures, biblical guidance, and 360-degree feedback produce emotional growth and social maturity.

With supervision, students experience the social atmosphere, group therapeutic process, and spiritual tone of campus life. We nurture a healthy peer culture that emphasizes social responsibility, accountability, and leadership. The staff leads weekly interactive small-group meetings to teach students character development within their current social interactions. Here students learn relevant ways to apply biblical teachings to their actions. As students progress, they learn to look beyond themselves to provide encouragement and support for others.

At Evangelhouse, we have designed our activities and daily structure to improve social competence. Personal responsibility is encouraged and rewarded in our community, and any hurting behavior is totally unacceptable.  As Evangelhouse students become more committed to caring for themselves and others in the community, they abandon hurtful behaviors.

Our Campus

The Evangelhouse campus is located in St. Martinville, Louisiana. We have a very safe, rural setting that allows us to engage in English horseback riding and other outdoor activities city campuses can’t offer.

Our beautiful 27-acre private campus offers athletic amenities including soccer, track, and a variety of field sports and various outdoor activities. Each day at Evangelhouse, students engage in on-campus team sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, softball, and flag football. Other recreational sports include ultimate Frisbee, kickball, and Capture the Flag.

Our campus is purposefully small and we limit our enrollment to just 16 girls at a time. Parents find our setting perfect in that it’s far enough away from home to make a clean break from current relationships and stressors. Additionally, we are rural enough that local distractions and temptations are at a minimum.

Please enjoy the gallery of the Evangelhouse Christian Academy campus.

St. Martinville

St. Martinville is located on the Bayou Teche, a waterway in south-central Louisiana.  Ths streets are shaded by century-old mossy oaks, and residents enjoy fishing, picnics in the parks, and visits to historic museums.

The third oldest town in Louisiana, St. Martinville has many buildings and homes with historic architecture. The historic St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church and La Maison Duchamp are located on Main Street. The church was dedicated to Martin of Tours in France, where a St Martin de Tours church can be found. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s, “Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie” was set in St. Martinville and is the home of Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site.

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 44°F to 90°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 95°F. Our campus is about about 60 minutes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and 140 minutes from New Orleans, Louisiana.

St. Martinville, famous in its early days as the “style center” of south Louisiana, was settled by refugees of the French nobility during the French Revolution. This heritage remains evident in its culture and in physical forms such as the La Maison Duchamp pictured above.


At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, licensed teachers administer a nationally accredited curriculum to accommodate a variety of student needs including students with learning challenges, emotional problems, or mood disorders.  Our academic program runs year-round, which allows students to transfer in at any point. The extra Summer semester allows for students who have fallen behind to catch up, or those who wish to earn extra credits to have the opportunity to do so.

Academic work completed at Evangelhouse Christian Academy will transfer to future schools students may attend.


Dorm life at Evangelhouse Christian Academy emphasizes community living with shared responsibilities such as laundry and meal preparation in order to manage the campus. Students learn practical life-management skills while contributing to their peer group.

Our dorm supervisors, like all Evangelhouse Christian Academy staff, have college degrees and ministry experience. These caring professionals provide 24-hour supervision and are always available for objective biblical guidance and counsel.


Students enjoy a rich variety of fun activities. Every weekend, privilege-earning students can participate in an outing that may include: a visit to a coffee shop, a movie theatre, a restaurant, or a shopping trip for personal items. They may also have the opportunity to enjoy a monthly group outing to an ice skating rink, a bowling alley, an art museum, or a Christian concert. Students participate in sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, softball, ultimate frisbee, kickball, and capture the flag. Students also participate in a weeklong summer intensive training camp for soccer, tennis, and basketball.

Next Steps

If you would like to explore Evangelhouse as an option for your family, complete our free online assessment and we will schedule a no-obligation call to review it with you.

Year-round open admissions

Evangelhouse all-girls, private boarding school is a twelve-month, year-round school which means your daughter may be admitted at any point in the year.

Immediate availability

Immediate openings are available. We can usually accommodate you in as few as 24 hours if needed.

Admissions questions? Call us at (800) 924-4012 or complete the contact form below.

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