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Christian Boarding School For Girls in Louisiana

We are a Christian boarding school For girls in Louisiana. Evangelhouse is the#1 All Girls Boarding School for Troubled Youth for families seeking a small, accredited, Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for girls.

Located in Martinville, Louisiana, our focus is on troubled girls from across the US. The Evangelhouse therapeutic boarding school was established in 1995 to serve Christian families with a quality residential treatment option for troubled teen girls.  Evangelhouse has evolved to become the premier non-denominational Christian option in the marketplace of high-quality teen residential treatment centers.

Focus At Our Louisiana Boarding School for Girls

We receive a diverse range of teenage girls that include students with learning difficulties, attention deficits, or trauma-related emotional illnesses. Evangelhouse Christian Academy is willing to open its door to help any teenage girl suffering emotionally and academically. Our students may have been turned away from other school settings, but if your daughter can benefit from our program then we will work with you. It is our goal to offer a traditional, academic program that is demanding while addressing our residents emotionally. 

Ultimately, at Evangelhouse we aim to help our residents live productively, successfully, and confidently by applying the coping skills they have gained here.

Notably, we meet our students where they are. Our academic approach is to create an individualized academic plan that defines the academic targets, and assists with their learning and therapeutic process. 

Evangelhouse is a fully approved academic institution that can help students enhance their self-esteem, and self-efficacy, and become lifelong learners. While it is a fact that all pupils can learn; we recognize that some students need emotional and individualized support from their learning community to achieve their goals.

One great advantage of attending Evangelhouse is our smaller class size which allows for greater personalized attention. This also allows for more hands-on, experiential learning to occur. We believe our students gain a richer, more meaningful learning experience when they are able to use appropriate learning tools in the field.  Another benefit to our program is that our academic curriculum runs year-round. This calendar lends itself well to filling in the gaps your child may have missed in their previous academic experience. When your daughter completes her academic program at Evangelhouse Christian Academy she will attend a graduation ceremony and receive an accredited diploma. A benefit of receiving an accredited diploma is that our students may transfer credits if applicable.

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    Specializing in Adolescent and Teen Girls

    At Evangelhouse Christian girls boarding school, our focus is on adolescent and teen girls and the issues they present. Adolescent years may be difficult, and the diversions of the other sex might hinder from scholastic success. In general, a single-gender school may focus only on that gender’s requirements and offer activities that are tailored to that gender’s learning patterns. Clearly, it is critical to govern teenage conduct both in and out of class in a boarding school setting, and mixed-gender institutions may have concerns with student relationships. A single-gender boarding school can help a teenager develop independence without the distractions of romance, allowing them to focus on leadership, athletics, and academics.

    Why Choose a Christian Boarding School for Girls

    Parents are often not aware of why a girls-only Christian boarding school is better than mixed-gender therapy programs. Single-gender schools like Evangelhouse Christian Academy provide a number of benefits for girls. Overall, female students who attend girls-only schools have greater confidence and do better academically than their coed counterparts. Furthermore, these girls are less affected by gender expectations and learn to follow interests regardless of what is regarded socially appropriate for their biological sex.

    Though true generalizations regarding all girls-only troubled boarding schools are impossible, the following are commonalities among the majority of them.

    Gender stereotypes are rarely found in and have an influence on same-sex schools, although they do exist outside of them. Students at co-ed schools speak and act in ways that confirm their gender-related self-concept. This is a far less major issue in same-sex schools, and students are less concerned about whether their conduct is masculine or feminine enough for how they want to be regarded.

    When it comes to academics, conduct, and discipline, teachers at traditional schools instinctively (and unjustly) differentiate between males and girls in their classrooms—sex-segregated schools couldn’t do this even if they wanted to. Overall, children at same-sex schools are less likely to feel pressured by their professors and peers to perform “properly” in terms of cultural standards for their sex.

    It’s also important to consider that mental health issues like ADHD and trauma can present much differently in boys than in girls. Our staff is fully trained on the therapeutic needs of adolescent and teen girls. Additionally, without the drama that commonly occurs in mixed-gender programs, our girls can focus on the issues that brought them to the program and their most urgent needs.

    Therapy is the cornerstone of our treatment program. Click on a button to learn about individual therapy, group therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy offered at Evangelhouse Christian Academy.

    Christian Girls Boarding School With Therapeutic Services

    We are a Christian girls boarding school with a clinically sophisticated therapy component. This is what is often referred to as a, “Christian therapeutic boarding school.” Therapeutic boarding schools like Evangelhouse share many similarities with typical boarding schools. However, as an added benefit, girls at Evangelhouse receive:

    1.  Regular counseling with a qualified therapist for group and individual therapy sessions.
    2. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) sessions
    3. Equine Therapy
    4. Strong bonds: Girls living together at Evangelhouse form lifetime friendships. This is crucial for social development in girls. Our focus on building a positive peer culture is key to ensuring all girls at Evangelhouse create strong peer bonds based on positivity and mutual respect. 
    5. A home-like setting with fewer students and more staff than a standard dorm
    6.  Lower student-teacher ratio than in a traditional boarding school
    7. A wide range of sports activities and community service opportunities for character building.

    While some traditional boarding schools do offer therapeutic services with enrollment, the focus is always on the academic portion and therapy is more than likely an afterthought. Additionally, in traditional boarding schools, teachers do not meet with therapists and the school typically would not host regular treatment team meetings. 

    At Evangelhouse boarding school for girls, every staff member is aware of the issues each student is going through. Teachers, coaches, counselors, and program staff alike all know how to respond to each student based on their therapeutic goals. We focus on addressing the behavioral and emotional needs of adolescent teen girls foremost, and a significant focus is also put on the academic portion of the program. Unfortunately, a standard educational environment like a typical boarding school cannot handle the issues typically presented in a student that requires a therapeutic boarding school. 

    Another difference between traditional boarding schools and a therapeutic boarding school like Evangelhouse Christian Academy is the attention we give to the cognitive learning issues our students may have. Students come into the program that is typically undergoing stress or family conflict. Even if a child is doing well in school, in most cases that child’s academic performance will take off to even higher levels once their stressors are properly addressed. This is why having academics as part of a mental health program can be valuable. 

    In a traditional learning environment, teachers would not be prepared to accelerate a child’s academic work so quickly as their mental health issues improve. At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, your daughter will benefit from having a host of professionals on her side as she makes progress. Our teachers and licensed therapists will ensure that your daughter is on track academically. We will ensure she develops healthy long-lasting relationships. 

    Our Louisiana Boarding School Location

    Our boarding school is located in Louisiana, St. Martinville. St. Martinville is located on the Bayou Teche, a waterway in south-central Louisiana.  Ths streets are shaded by century-old mossy oaks, and residents enjoy fishing, picnics in the parks, and visits to historic museums.

    The third oldest town in Louisiana, St. Martinville has many buildings and homes with historic architecture. The historic St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church and La Maison Duchamp are located on Main Street. The church was dedicated to Martin of Tours in France, where a St Martin de Tours church can be found. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s, “Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie” was set in St. Martinville and is the home of Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site.

    Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 44°F to 90°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 95°F. Our campus is about about 60 minutes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and 140 minutes from New Orleans, Louisiana.

    If you have any questions about the program please call us at 1-800-924-4012 or visit our contact page.



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