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Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls with ADHD

We are a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for girls with ADHD. Our ADHD boarding school is for girls in grades 6 through 12.

  • Our elite ADHD boarding school property includes on-site equine-aided therapy facilities as well as standard classroom structures.
  • Our staff has decades of combined expertise, and our personalized academics are designed specifically for your child’s requirements and learning style.
  • Our family environment provides skills that help girls form healthy relationships once they graduate from our Christian therapeutic boarding school for girls with ADHD.

Is Evangelhouse Christian Academy a good fit for your daughter with ADHD?

Is she afflicted by emotions? Parents often state that their daughter’s troublesome behavior begins at home and then spreads to her school and social life.

Is she capable of “holding the family hostage”? Many parents at Evangelhouse Christian Academy indicate that their girls can disrupt family efforts to progress or make decisions.

Is she avoiding things or refusing to engage? School may have gotten too socially or emotionally demanding for her, so she seeks methods to avoid going. She also no longer communicates with friends or participates in clubs. As a result, I’m spending more time with technology or reading books.

Is she having trouble with her studies? Families frequently express their dissatisfaction with their child’s performance in school, claiming that basic learning strategies are ineffective. As a result, her efforts and grades begin to deteriorate.

Are there any difficulties in forming and sustaining friendships? Parents report that their child struggles to form and maintain friendships. Because she is demanding and bossy in her relationships, she frequently loses close friends.

If any of the above statements apply to your daughter and you haven’t seen her improve in any of these areas, Evangelhouse Christian Academy’s ADHD boarding school for girls may be a good fit.

This is a difficult decision for many families. We’re here to assist you and your family in determining whether Evangelhouse Christian Academy’s ADHD boarding school is the appropriate fit for your child.

Therapy is the cornerstone of our treatment program. Click on a button to learn about individual therapy, group therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy offered at Evangelhouse Christian Academy.

Is Evangelhouse is the right level of care for your daughter?
If the items below would help your child, contact us today for an assessment to see if Evangelhouse is a good fit for your daughter.

Spiritual Solutions

Students who attend Evangelhouse have grown up in a Christian home. Our goal is to see them experience a renewed relationship with God and bring that passion back to their own family’s denominational heritage. Our non-denominational Christian values permeate all segments of the school.

Licensed Therapists

We are designed for students who struggle with social problems, emotional distress, trauma, depression, family conflict, anxiety, the misuse of social media or self-destructive habits. If your daughter has issues beyond our scope of treatment, Evangelhouse may not be the ideal fit.

Focus on Physical Health

Whether it is through our English riding program or our fine arts activities, students learn new ways of viewing their physical capabilities. The structure of the exercise schedule, nutritious meals and good sleep hygiene build on these activities to bring a new level of physical health to each student.

Academic Solutions

Licensed teachers administer a nationally accredited curriculum to accommodate a variety of student needs including students with learning challenges, emotional problems, or mood disorders.  Career testing is encouraged for each student so that they return home academically empowered with purpose.

Focused Population

We are not a catch-all program. We are girls only, and we don’t accept students that have issues that might be disruptive to the therapeutic community. We are purposefully small with only 16 girls in residence at a time.

We Build Social Skills

Our small setting cultivates 360-degree feedback from peers, parents, and professional staff.  Such feedback hones students’ self-awareness and provides enlightenment on how their behavior choices affect themselves and others.

Christian Values

Evangelhouse Christian Academy is a Christian boarding school based upon biblical principles. An authentic relationship with Jesus Christ is nurtured and developed within the school’s setting and through local church involvement.

Preparing for Home

From the first day at Evangelhouse, we are preparing our girls for a successful transition back home. Our focus is returning your daughter back to her home environment happier, healthier, and better prepared for life.

When to Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

Each therapeutic boarding school for girls is unique in some manner. Despite the differences, there are several intrinsic characteristics that contribute to why residential treatment is so effective.

The constant monitoring and 24/7 assistance provided by therapeutic boarding schools is a big advantage over other levels of care. This continual care and monitoring helps assess the progress our girls make, identify areas of trouble, and prevent relapse.

Distance – from the student’s past. Sometimes parents are concerned about moving their daughter miles away to a program like Evangelhouse. We’ve found that distance from one’s current situation puts things into perspective, removes a person from the immediate stressors of their current situation, as well as surrounds them with healthy role models in a positive environment.

Different therapeutic modalities — Evangelhouse offers more therapeutic modalities than outpatient facilities, and our positive-peer culture offers more than just talk therapy. We use a holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and spirit. Trauma treatment, equestrian therapy, group therapy, and other therapies such as DBT are all utilized.

Students at Evangelhouse get access to a wider range of therapy modalities and more frequent regular sessions than in outpatient therapy. Having daily access to a therapist can help students heal faster and build trust. 

Because therapists at Evangelhouse can see their patients in a variety of settings, this interaction in our community fosters the therapeutic bond, and not just within the confines of an office. Psychotherapists and counselors frequently lead therapy groups, accompany students on excursions or lunches, and engage them in experiential activities. This permits therapists to visit patients in different contexts and learn more about them.

What distinguishes our program from other ADHD boarding schools?

Evangelhouse Christian Academy is a boarding school for ADHD girls in grades 6 through 12. Creating a family atmosphere with a specific goal in mind to ensure success. Our small program allows us to provide personalized attention to each of our girls, allowing us to help them lay a strong foundation for future success.

Evangelhouse Christian Academy differs from other therapeutic boarding schools for girls in that we take the time to tailor a program to your family’s specific needs. We understand your desire for your daughter to be happy and healthy because we are also parents. Families frequently question whether therapeutic placement for their daughters is a necessary and potentially lifesaving step.

ADHD Boarding Schools May Be The Solution for Troubled Young Ladies

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a hereditary condition characterized by difficulties in controlling a set of brain activities known as executive functioning skills. Attention, concentration, memory, impulsivity, motivation, and socializing are all examples of executive functioning skills. Evangelhouse Christian Academy, one of the nation’s top ADHD boarding schools, can help teens battling ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and other neurological issues. Differences in ADHD brains can lead to problems in school, behavior, and day-to-day living.

According to studies, the best way to treat ADHD is a combination of medication and therapy. ADHD boarding schools offer comprehensive cognitive-behavioral treatment as well as the most effective drugs for the disorder’s management.

Evangelhouse Christian Academy is a boarding school for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders that focuses on ADHD. Evangelhouse Christian Academy teaches pupils that, despite their difficulties, they have the right to develop their own freedom.



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