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Admission Criteria

We see problems students are facing manifest across multiple areas of their lives. In most cases these problems have become increasingly overwhelming in spite of significant efforts by the family to support change.

Evangelhouse is organized around five areas of wellness in which students grow – Spiritual, Therapeutic, Academic, Social and Physical.

This structure provides a holistic perspective of a students level of functioning. Our professional services address the following symptoms and their underlying root causes in each area of wellness.

Some of the symptoms we effectively treat and the Evangelhouse solutions are listed below:

Spiritual Symptoms

  • angry at or blaming God
  • embracing self-destructive values
  • failure to thrive in spiritual life
  • spiritual shame
  • hopelessness
  • lack of moral reasoning
  • rejection of family belief system
  • unresolved spiritual hurts
  • unremarkable character development
  • lack of spiritual identity
  • secular world-view

Spiritual Solutions

Students who attend Evangelhouse have grown up in a Christian home.

Our goal is to see them experience a renewed relationship with God and bring that passion back to their own family’s denominational heritage.

Our non-denominational Christian values permeate all segments of the school.

Although it is never forced, our lively spiritual atmosphere, discipleship curriculum, interactive worship and church involvement inspires students to explore their own spiritual identity.

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Therapeutic Symptoms

  • DSM-V diagnosis of mood or behavior disorders
  • failure to thrive in traditional therapy settings
  • impaired judgment
  • lack of bonding or meaningful relationships
  • external locus of control
  • blaming others for actions
  • substance experimentation
  • personality disorder precursors
  • emotional regulation problems
  • lack of age appropriate emotional maturity
  • unstable mood
  • needs medication evaluation
  • negative coping skills
  • self-harm behavior such as cutting
  • history of trauma or abuse
  • complications related to adoption
  • unresolved grief

Therapeutic Solutions

Licensed therapy staff provide clinical leadership at Evangelhouse.

Clinical assessment foundations guide treatment planning, goal setting, behavior expectations, school interventions, campus life, spiritual mentorship, physical activity and social development.

An interdisciplinary approach is taken when implementing interventions with an educated and professional design.

Individual, family and group therapy are structured to develop maturity, insight, and self-awareness.

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Social Symptoms

  • impaired family functioning
  • misuse of social media
  • internet and technology addiction
  • inappropriate sexual behavior online
  • shallow or serial friendships
  • history of getting bullied
  • introverted and socially shy
  • poor social judgment or relationship choices
  • follower of peer group
  • poor regard for personal interest
  • lack of age appropriate social relationships
  • failure to respond to limit setting
  • exploited in dating relationships
  • interpersonal boundary problems
  • good at hiding problems
  • problems with family relationships
  • demanding of emotional support

Social Solutions

We provide a relationship driven peer culture.

Our small setting and inclusive social structures cultivate 360-degree feedback from peers, parents, and professional staff.

Such feedback hones students’ self-awareness and provides enlightenment on how their behavior choices effect themselves and others.

The connection between their actions and resulting outcomes is emphasized to develop enhanced social skills and emotional growth.

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Physical Symptoms

  • dysregulated sleep patterns
  • overuse of physical complaints
  • poor hygiene
  • poor diet
  • lack of exercise
  • emotional eating
  • symptoms of eating disorder
  • misuse of exercise
  • negative body image
  • appearance anxiety
  • lack of confidence
  • needs support in development
  • loss of interest and curiosity
  • lack of personal enrichment
  • lack of independent living skills

Physical Solutions

We provide a vigorous regimen of physical exercise, recreation and skill building experiences.

Whether it is through our English riding program or our fine arts activities, students learn new ways of viewing their physical capabilities.

Students learn assertiveness, empowerment, mood management and character development through interesting and exciting experiential education activities.

The structure of the exercise schedule, nutritious meals and good sleep hygiene build on these activities to bring a new level of physical health to each student.

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Academic Symptoms

  • emotional problems impairing academics
  • disruptive social behavior at school
  • lack of motivation
  • learning challenges
  • academic underachiever or overachiever
  • problems with traditional classroom
  • truancy or school refusal
  • lack of college direction
  • unrealistic expectations for future career

Academic Solutions

Clinical leadership guides our education planning for each student. Licensed teachers administer a nationally accredited curriculum to accommodate a variety of student needs. We support students with learning challenges presented by emotional problems or mood disorders. Career testing is encouraged for each student so that they return home academically empowered with purpose.

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Exclusionary criteria

Evangelhouse is a semi-voluntary, parent-choice alternative education option for troubled teens. Our school is designed to serve students with special needs; however, it is not a substitute for a level 1 or level 2 residential treatment center, psychiatric hospital, juvenile detention center, or boot camp for those who have acute emergency needs. Our program is not appropriate for the following:

  • Severe psychiatric disorders in need of acute hospitalization.
  • Current Axis V Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Code below 40.
  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ) below 79.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Significant psychotic symptoms.
  • Severe social disorders, conduct disorder, or severe disregard for the rights of others.
  • Animal abuse.
  • Gang involvement.
  • Chronic violent behavior incompatible with a group environment.
  • Significant organic brain syndrome or impairment resulting from traumatic brain injury.
  • Significant history of running away.
  • Youth adjudicated to state custody.
  • Medical illness or other illnesses limiting the student’s ability to fully participate in the program of activities.
  • Evangelhouse Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin in administration of its admission policies, education policies, or administered services.

Emergency help

Situations that require immediate action:

Teen is planning suicide.
Teen is planning to physically harm someone.
Teen is altered, intoxicated, or “high.”

You should call 911 and get the teen to the nearest emergency room immediately. Evangelhouse does not offer crisis counseling or “24 hour hotline” services.


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