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Our length of stay is not an arbitrary number in which students are “serving time.” Our goal is not superficial behavior modification. Rather, our approach is based on a dynamic five-stage process called the lifeleaf™ system. It provides a structure for goals, benchmarks, and maturity indicators leading to a lasting transformation of heart

Our school is a therapeutic program structured around Christian values. The profile ECA student has come from a successful Christian home, but may have recently struggled in her spiritual relationship with God. Most ECA students have a history of demonstrating great potential. Most have been involved in church, youth group, and may have even gone on mission’s trips or other outreaches. Their history of success is usually overshadowed by current choices and behavior problems. Parents enroll their daughter to take action before the problems become more serious. Some problems are given diagnoses such as Major Depression, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar disorder, and other mood or learning disorders. The problems can take on different forms, but a key factor is that the outward behaviors are symptoms of an internal struggle. We encourage you to submit an admission assessment for a free evaluation of your particular circumstances.

Even though students from across the nation attend ECA, our school has a high level of parent involvement. Parents have a regular weekly phone calls with their daughter. Letters are welcomed without limitation. Students have the opportunity to e-mail their parents weekly, although they do not have unsupervised access to the internet. Parents may visit or plan home trips as often as they choose, but the lifeleaf™ structure provides therapeutic guidance for visits.

Yes, we offer three diploma options. Students may work toward a vocational, standard, or college-prep high school diploma. Our school is approved by the Louisiana Department of Education division of non-public schools. Additionally, academic coursework completed at ECA may be eligible for multiple accrediting bodies depending on the students’ circumstances and academic standing.

Evangelhouse Academy is accustomed to seeing teens with complicated clinical histories. It is not uncommon for students to have been misdiagnosed in the past. Our therapeutic process includes a psychosocial evaluation, psychological testing, and (when needed) a psychiatric assessment. Students with psychiatric medication needs have the benefit of long-term medication evaluation within a professional environment.

Not in all cases. Most students begin in a “semi-voluntary” mindset. ECA is a highly structured program, but it is not a lock-down facility. Our professionals can help you determine if ECA’s level of care is appropriate for your situation when you submit your admission assessment.

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