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Group Therapy Benefits

Individual counseling can help girls overcome concerns, decrease anger and depression, and explore feelings. But some girls don’t seem to make as much progress in individual therapy. This is because social worries or peer interaction issues won’t show up in individual sessions.

Group therapy allows therapists to observe teenagers’ social difficulties in action. At Evangelhouse, we see firsthand the shyness, inattentiveness, fearfulness, and social anxiety of our girls in group therapy sessions as they interact with others. Our highly-trained and experienced group therapists recognize these behaviors and help our girls break harmful patterns and make new choices.

Girls who get the most out of group therapy often have the following issues:

  • Isolation
  • Shyness
  • History of peer rejection
  • Anger control issues
  • Identity issues
  • Relationship issues with parents or peers

Why Group Therapy Works

Group therapy, in a way, is like a social skills gym. Teens develop new interpersonal skills after a positive group experience. Group participants learn how to stand up to negative peer pressure and to develop self-advocacy skills. Group activity also helps teens develop self-expression and emotional self-awareness. They start communicating with peers or adults as their social fears fade.

How does group therapy help? A five-point checklist:

1. Social Comfort

Group sessions allow kids to practice new social skills and learn new ways of relating. They get more confident and adept at speaking in groups as they gain experience and confidence.

2. Improved Communication

Many teen girls struggle to express their emotions and tend to suppress them. Unrelieved mental stress typically causes odd behaviors like moodiness, impatience, and defiance. Group therapy allows girls to express their feelings and worries with other teenagers. They mature faster as they improve their communication skills.

3. Peer Influence

Peer pressure has a huge impact on adolescent and teen life, both positively and negatively.  Most girls don’t feel alone when they’re with peers who are also trying to improve themselves and establish healthy relationships. Every week, the group cheers and congratulates one other. This encouraging environment gives our girls the confidence to overcome self-doubt and socialize more.

4. Relationships

Isolated teens are more prone to anxiety and sadness, withdrawing from others to soothe their anxieties and doubts. Group sessions at Evangelhouse help girls form stronger peer relationships. Our girls are given chance to join a peer group at Evangelhouse that values and appreciates them.

5. Reduced Stress

Social and academic demands often put extreme pressure on teens. Group work relieves stress by allowing our students to unburden themselves with peers who understand. They get perspective and begin to develop a healthy sense of humor.

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