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Masters-degreed staff provide students with a vigorous regimen of physical exercise, healthy lifestyle education, recreation, and adventure. Everything from our equestrian program to team sports teaches students assertiveness, empowerment, mood management, and character development. Unique experiential education activities provide practical learning opportunities for students.

English horseback riding

Evangelhouse Christian Academy partners with a nearby riding school to provide students four hours of English horseback riding instruction. Training is based on USPC standards for riding, and students learn skills in stabling, grooming, and caring for horses.

Athletic activities

Each day at Evangelhouse, students exercise aerobically for 45 minutes, and then participate in 45 minutes of team sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, softball, and flag football. Other recreational sports include ultimate Frisbee, kickball, and Capture the Flag. Students also participate in a weeklong summer intensive training camp for soccer, tennis, and basketball. Team sports are beneficial for exercise, motor skill development, self-confidence and winning attitudes.


Students enjoy a rich variety of fun activities. Every weekend, privilege-earning students can participate in an outing that may include: a visit to a coffee shop, a movie theatre, a restaurant, or a shopping trip for personal items. They may also have the opportunity to enjoy a monthly group outing to an ice skating rink, a bowling alley, an art museum, or Christian concert.

Work training

Students contribute two hours per week to work activities on the campus. They are taught how to identify a need, organize a task, see it through to completion, review the outcome, and report the results to supervisors. These activities are designed to instill a healthy work ethic. The work skills gained at Evangelhouse Christian Academy prepare teens to enter the workforce and teach them how to complete a job with excellence.

Personal training

Each student has a personal nutrition and exercise assessment with our activities director. Students are given personal guidance on eating habits, healthy attitudes toward food, and choice management within the structure of the school. In addition, students are given personal goals for daily exercise, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle development. Students also receive guidance in personal hygiene habits and self-care. Periodic personal meetings and check-ups give students the opportunity to learn how to apply a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits to their lives.

Team building

Quarterly, students participate in high-ropes confidence training and are taught to take on challenging tasks with the help of their peers. They are challenged to become aware of their communication habits and how to make meaningful contributions to others. Students’ unique leadership styles are identified and honed, as they learn to work cooperatively within a group.

At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, we believe that physical education for girls is an important part of the therapeutic process. By allowing students to express themselves through a variety of supervised outdoor activities, they will learn valuable leadership skills that will help guide them through life. If you have any questions about our approach to physical therapy for girls, please call us at 1-800-924-4012 or visit our contact page to receive more information.








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