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Many of the girls never viewed reading as an optional activity until Evangelhouse. Many students have boasted that they “never read” and now enjoy reading during their designated library time. As their love of reading grew, many students began to ask for the classics that Everyman Library has published in its Top 100 bestselling titles. This is why Evangelhouse believes it is the best collection of books to begin our library of classic literature. You can help by making a donation:

⇒ A full set of books costs $1,392.
⇒ 20 of the books cost $278.
⇒ 10 of the books cost $139.
⇒ 5 of the books cost $67.
⇒ Please consider what you can do to help us expand our collection, and contact Mark Barrentine to arrange your donation.

Founded in 1906 by London publisher Joseph Malaby Dent, the purpose of the Everyman’s collection was to make available literature that would appeal “to every kind of reader.” Everyman’s Library publishes the most significant world literature and would further expose our readers at Evangelhouse™ to classic stories and styles of writing they have not experienced. The collection also contains beloved classics the girls have heard of but have never read.

Learn more about the collection at:

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