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Girls Residential Treatment Center

As a girl’s residential treatment center, we are focused on providing the highest quality of care in a safe, therapeutic environment where our girls are surrounded with care and compassion. Our enrollment is open 365 days a year. Girls can enter Evangelhouse at any time of the year and not lose academic progress by transferring to Evangelhouse.

Please give us a call at (800) 924-4012 if you have any questions or concerns about whether Evangelhouse is right for your daughter. You are welcome to set up a tour at your convenience. We welcome tours at any time of the year, and it’s our experience that if you do tour Evangelhouse, you will likely want to enroll your daughter.

We are a residential treatment center for girls from the 6th through 12th grades. Our girls-only residential treatment center offers a fully accredited school along with high-quality therapeutic interventions. Our focus area includes a range of issues including depression, anger, acting out, poor relationships, poor decision making, and more.

100% Focused On Your Daughter

At Evangelhouse, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading residential treatment centers for girls. We built our program with girls in mind. Our campus is warm and inviting. Our staff members are compassionate and 100% focused on your daughter.

Our program is unique in that we are a family-like setting. Our census is small, limiting our enrollment to just under 20-students at a time. There are no male students here on campus so your daughter’s focus will be on herself.

Often, parents express concern over enrolling at a residential treatment center for girls because they’ve tried therapy at home and the child wouldn’t engage with the therapist, or therapy just didn’t work. Evangelhouse is different. We provide therapy “in the moment” (often referred to as “milieu therapy”) along with individual one-on-one therapy.

When therapy is done in the moment, we can address exactly what happened because we were there. One shortfall of outpatient therapy is that the therapist is completely dependent on the version of events as relayed by the patient. At Evangelhouse all-girls residential treatment center, therapists and residential mentors alike are there throughout the day, ready to intervene, question thinking, and offer coping skills to address misunderstandings and inappropriate reactions to social cues.

Further, therapists can help students at Evangelhouse residential treatment center practice coping skills in the moment. In outpatient therapy, all a therapist is able to do is discuss how we will handle conflict next time. At Evangelhouse, students practice new ways of interacting in real-time, preparing them for a successful transition back to the home environment.

Why Choose Evangelhouse?

Our residential treatment center for girls enrolls young women who are having difficulties for a variety of reasons. Teenage girls at our all-girls residential treatment center can feel despair or anxiety. There are other young ladies at our residential treatment center for girls with trauma histories, anger, borderline personality, or other mental health problems. Despite the various ways in which our students differ from one another, they are all bright, capable young girls who are often blind to their own potential.

At our girls-only residential treatment center, we will assist your daughter in finding a new, healthier future by fostering interactions with her and pushing her to do new things.  By staying at our residential treatment center away from home, we remove issues that may trigger her in the home environment and she can focus on herself, not friends, social media, or other distractions.

At our residential treatment center for girls, your daughter will have the chance to form new, healthier habits when she is placed in an altogether new environment on our spacious, open campus. Your daughter will form supportive bonds with teachers, staff, and other pupils as part of our healthy peer community.

She will encounter difficulties in the secure setting of experiential therapy. She will gain knowledge and abilities that will help her deal with difficulties in a healthy way. She will continue to use these abilities even after she gets back home.

Young women and their families find hope, passion, and resilience in the face of hardship via supportive connections and corrective experiences at Evangelhouse Christian Academy.

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    Evangelhouse is proud to offer a clinically sophisticated treatment program in a close-knit Christian environment. Learn about our community, values, and campus by clicking the link.

    Quality Academics in a Therapeutic Setting

    The academic portion of a girls-only residential treatment center is a critical piece of the treatment puzzle. When a troubled teen experiences a serious academic setback, it is important to redirect their behavior.

    At Evangelhouse, our program enables students to re-establish academic goals, and engage in a plan of action that accelerates learning to make up missed credits and graduation requirements. Most importantly, each student will receive individualized instruction that is tailor-made for their academic needs. The notable difference at Evangelhouse when compared to traditional school settings is that students with learning problems such as dyslexia or ADHD/ADD among others will receive individualized instruction that addresses their needs.  In this setting, it is possible to adjust the pace of instruction and instructors build strong working relationships with their students.

    Additional mental health issues that weigh into your daughter’s academic performance may include and not be limited to the following: energy levels, attentiveness, reliability, mental capacity, and optimism. There exists substantial research to support the fact that depression contributes to declining grade point averages and anxiety. Studies have also connected an increase in depression among the teenage population to an increase in dropout rates among high school students. 

    Common Girls Mental Health Issues

    Depression, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and trauma are some of the major issues for girls who attend a residential treatment center.

    Depressive symptoms also include:

    • Suffering from irritability
    • Feeling useless, guilty, or powerless
    • Losing interest in once-enjoyable hobbies or activities
    • Experiencing weariness or a lack of energy
    • Being restless
    • Difficulty paying attention, remembering things, or making decisions
    • Noticing sudden changes in appetite or weight
    • Slower pace of movement or speech than typical
    • Having suicidal or death thoughts
    • Aches or pains that are undiagnosed and persistent despite treatment
    • Feeling depressed, nervous, or empty all the time
    • Feeling pessimistic or hopeless

    Trauma symptoms can include:

    • Feeling helpless and having no hope
    • Problems going to sleep
    • Somatic complaints (“my stomach hurts” with no medical problems)
    • Separation anxiety
    • Irritability in multiple aspects of life
    • Depressed mood and little interest in things
    • Eating issues – not eating enough

    Generalized anxiety disorder signs and symptoms include:

    • Having trouble controlling your level of concern
    • Having sleep issues, such as having trouble falling or staying asleep or not feeling refreshed
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Having a restless, tense, or tense feeling
    • Being prone to tiredness
    • A sense of muscular tightness
    • Irritation with others

    Symptoms of social anxiety disorder include:

    • Weeks before a social function and experiencing anxiety
    • Avoiding public areas with crowds of people
    • Feeling extremely uneasy at the mere prospect of being near others, and finding it difficult to communicate with them
    • Extreme self-consciousness and a deep-seated dread of being rejected, humiliated, or offending others
    • Being concerned about judgment
    • Having nauseous while among other people
    • Having trouble making and keeping friends
    • Blushing, perspiring, or trembling in front of people

    Our beautuful campus in Louisana includes residential buildings, a school building, workout facilities, sports fields, and access to equestrian facilities. Give us a call today to arrange a tour to discover the Evangelhouse difference.

    Help for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and More

    If you seek a residential treatment center for girls with depression, anxiety, or trauma look no further than Evangelhouse. We are focused on depression, anxiety, trauma, and more for teen girls.

    Depression is generally a more common, and potentially more impactful illness than most girls realize. Research tells us that an estimated 3.2 million teenagers in the United States experienced at least one major depressive episode. It’s no surprise that quality treatment options like Evangelhouse Christian Academy are in demand. Current statistics tell us that approximately 13% of teenagers will experience sadness before they reach adulthood.

    Depression rates among adolescents, particularly among females, have risen over the past decade, with around 8% of teens reporting being depressed. If your daughter has depression, now is the time to get help. As behaviors become more ingrained the more they are practiced, it’s important to break the cycle with your child as soon as possible. Complete an admissions assessment today to get started.

    We can assist you in identifying the source of the issue and choosing the most effective course of therapy for your family if you believe your daughter has been exposed to trauma or traumatic stress. We have found that every girl reacts to stressful circumstances in their own unique way. Childhood trauma symptoms might include:

    • Reliving trauma via behavior, play, or dreams
    • avoiding those who, places, or things that bring up the traumatic memory
    • difficulty focusing or sleeping
    • experiencing grief, rage, dread, or anxiety as a result of the trauma

    At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, our students are included in a close-knit peer group. We limit our total census to just 16 girls at a time. Also, with the absence of smartphones, our girls learn how to express themselves and their frustrations face-to-face, not through a screen. Overuse of electronic devices may be preventing young people from hobbies, religion, sports, friendships, and socializing, which might help them avoid depression in the first place. 

    Our mission is to enable our girls to learn the skills to overcome issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, relationship problems, ADHD, and more. Part of the program focuses on the transition home as students learn to manage their symptoms in the next environment.

    Quality Residential Treatment For Today’s Teen Girl

    Today’s teen girl has so many more potential dangers than any proceeding generation. Just consider that eating issues, self-esteem issues, and identity issues usually begin soon before or during puberty.  Eating disorders like binge eating, bulimia, or anorexia can have a negative impact on a teen girl’s family relationships, her physical health, her outlook, attitude, and her relationship with God. All of these issues and more can be addressed at our residential treatment center for girls.

    Women are more likely than men to suffer from eating disorders. Add to this problem the invention of Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media platforms and you have a recipe for disaster in today’s teenage girl.

    At Evanglehouse Christian Academy, we see a lot of teen girls who are trying to find their place in society and want to be recognized and appreciated for who they are. Many of the young ladies we work with at Evangelhouse are dealing with anxiety and insecurity, and the root cause can be often traced back to a social media app. Often, it’s the student’s peers at their school who are causing the trouble. At our girl’s residential treatment center, we address comparing ourselves to others in group therapy, and why the image you see on Instagram might not be an accurate portrayal of that person’s life.

    We understand that many girls may experience emotions of loneliness and even as far as depression as a result of not fitting in, whether that is real or imagined. Add to that, consider all of the negativity today’s teen girl finds online. Violent video games, sexualized content, bullying, hate speech, and more are readily available online. Add to this the constant comparison and competition for “likes” and followers their peers in the high school compete for. It’s no wonder so many girls report feeling depressed.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be fantastic methods for kids to engage with the world when used appropriately. On the other side, they can be quite dangerous and harmful to self-esteem and more when misused.  Our staff oversees and influences the culture of positive-peer influence at Evangelhouse. In this way, we seek to guide our students towards a more mature and responsible way of interacting and facing the dangers in today’s world.

    Residential Treatment Center for Girls Helping Families Across the US

    At Evangelhouse Christian Academy we have enrolled families from almost every state and from 5 different countries. Often, creating physical distance between someone and all their distractions and frustrations has a positive therapeutic effect. Students are less likely to focus on the issues that brought them to treatment if there is distance. Also, the risk of a student running into someone they know while attending a program out-of-state is minimal versus attending a program close to home.

    We enroll students from all 50 states!


    Rose B
    Rose B
    This school literally has given my daughter her life back and has given us the tools to help her and herself into the future. This is a full circle, all encompassing program. From admission to graduation. Do not delete this school from your list! I almost did because it was far away...and...to be honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about a "Christian" school. Whether you are religious or not, don't be put off or think your child is going to be brainwashed. She's not! It is a part of the day and I thought my daughter would hate it (and so did she). But it turns out she found great comfort there and her faith! I thoroughly investigated this school. In addition to my own research, I also hired a company that researches and screens these types of programs. I also had my daughter's psychiatrist interview the director! I've done all the researching and investigating for you. Whatever your daughter's issues may be, I probably have them covered! My daughter's diagnosis' range from ADHD, Anxiety, High Risk Behavior, Adoption issues/trauma and psychosis. Do not waste your time. Don't wait for Spring or end of school or whatever timeline. Act now! The happiest day of my life was delivering her to the ECA. I actually slept for the first time in years. Knowing my daughter was finally getting the help she so deserved. Therapy, school, socialization, faith, responsibility, accountability, self-worth and confidence. We all ask or pray for help. Consider ECA as prayers answered.
    Tori Rivers
    Tori Rivers
    I graduated from ECA 4 years ago, and I can genuinely say that this place is truly amazing. It can and will help your daughter if she wants to put in the work. The staff and the girls I was with all made me feel like family and that I mattered. This place really saved my life, so if you are looking for a place that will help your daughter please send her here, I promise they will take care of her.
    Mark Brown
    Mark Brown
    We had a troubled teen. I found ECA online. I made a call and set up a visit. We were looking for a place that included God and biblical principles in their program. Now that our child has finished the program, WOW! Thank you ECA leadership. Every one on staff believes in the program. It shows! and it works!!
    Andy Pohl
    Andy Pohl
    This school has been an absolute Godsend for my daughter and our family. We realized a few months ago that she needed residential treatment. After an exhaustive search, we found the wonderful people at Evangelhouse. They do an amazing job keeping parents updated and are always available when we call. I have been impressed with the way that they are firm with the girls but also loving and caring. The process there is amazing, especially since it involves the family also. We were so happy to find a place that provides professional counseling with a Christian focus.
    Holly Savage
    Holly Savage
    Two years ago we were struggling to get our daughter on the right track. We had tried everything and knew that she would need to be placed in a residential treatment facility. We had searched for at least a year to find the right place. Were looking for a Christian, all girls, small, therapeutic program not too far from Texas. Somehow, someway, God lead us to the Evangelhouse website. We are so glad that we took his direction because it has meant a world of difference for our daughter, our family, our marriage, and our peace of mind! Evangelhouse has taken a once broken, low-self esteem, miserable, self-centered, hostile, angry, self-doubting teenager in crisis and changed her into a Christ-centered, selfless, self-loving, servant-hearted, mature, sensible, responsible, thoughtful young adult. ECA implements a program that strips each student down to the bare necessities in order for them to focus on what is truly important in life. I don't know where we would be without ECA. I now know what it is like to have a functional, happy, and peaceful family life.
    Ari Lawrence
    Ari Lawrence
    This place is absolutely fantastic. It has changed my life more than I can express in words. My family is whole again, and I have left my negative behaviors in the dust. This place will make all the difference for your daughter.
    Anna Page
    Anna Page
    Amazing place. Truely changed my life.
    G W
    G W
    I have know Mark and Karen for over 20yrs. You will not find a more dedicated and compassionate couple to work with and care for your children.

    Health Peer Culture

    Evangelhouse residential treatment center is a year-round community offering academics during the school year and summer months. We’ll work together to design a plan to address and repair negative behavior patterns before they become destructive. Our caring community provides a secure place for your daughter to grow and learn. You can read about our healthy peer culture here.

    Our work can begin once your daughter feels safe to express herself. We will help her achieve confidence and resilience to repair damaged relationships, advocate for needs, set boundaries, and tackle life’s obstacles.

     Private Treatment Center Helping Troubled Teen Girls With:


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