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Every student is included as a valued member of the peer group at Evangelhouse Christian Academy. We offer a unique social structure that cultivates 360-degree feedback from peers, parents, and professional staff. Such feedback hones students’ awareness of their behavior and its effects on themselves and others. The connection between their actions and resulting consequences is emphasized in order to develop enhanced social skills. At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, consistent social structures, biblical guidance, and 360-degree feedback produce emotional growth and social maturity.

Positive peer culture

With supervision, students experience the social atmosphere, group therapeutic process, and spiritual tone of campus life. We nurture a positive peer culture that emphasizes social responsibility, accountability, and leadership. The staff leads weekly interactive small-group meetings to teach students character development within their current social interactions. Here students learn relevant ways to apply biblical teachings to their actions. As students progress, they learn to look beyond themselves to provide encouragement and support for others.

Students participate in a variety of positive peer culture development activities including:

  • Biblical character development
  • Discipleship small group meetings
  • Leadership training
  • Student council
  • Weekly zone group staff feedback

Community Living

Dorm life at Evangelhouse Christian Academy emphasizes community living with shared responsibilities such as laundry and meal preparation in order to manage the campus. Students learn practical life-management skills while contributing to their peer group.

Our dorm supervisors, like all Evangelhouse Christian Academy staff, have college degrees and ministry experience. These caring professionals provide 24-hour supervision and are always available for objective biblical guidance and counsel.

Collaborative parent involvement

Parents keep in touch with students with weekly phone calls, emails, and letters. Parents are also encouraged to visit monthly. As students prove themselves to be ready, visits progress from day visits to overnight weekend visits and eventually progress to home visits as parents are ready. Parents also control who is allowed to send letters, email, phone or visit their daughter.

Parents stay involved by:

  • Weekly phone appointments
  • Private intranet email
  • Letters and packages
  • Day visits, vacation visits, and holiday home visits
  • Direct access to staff, counselors, and teachers
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Collaborative therapeutic interventions
  • Parent coaching
  • Conference calls
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Semiannual family retreats

Other Saturday enrichment education activities may include:

  • Driver’s education
  • Dance
  • Theater production
  • Art classes
  • Nutrition education
  • Etiquette classes
  • Self-defense training
  • Annual fine arts competition
  • Acoustic guitar, piano, voice, and violin lessons
  • Red Cross first aid and CPR certification








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