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Established 1995 
admission assessment 

“I thought you might enjoy hearing that Natalie has been and is doing very well- and she has a great zeal for living! She was accepted this week into college.  The school offered her an academic scholarship to boot.  Praise God for the turn-around in Natalie's life and for the crucial role that Evangelhouse played in her transformation.”

Nate B., Colorado Springs, Colorado

1 year after graduation

Lindsey’s form of bipolar disorder is severe and has not been cured by any stretch of the imagination, but she is now able to function in our home, and in the real world.  She is able to hold down a part-time job, teach a Sunday school class, and is able to ask for help when she needs it.  She uses the coping skills she learned there to manage her illness.”

Tina B., New Orleans, Louisiana
1 ½ years after graduation

“Caitlin seems very happy, back to her “normal” self, and she is working hard at her studies.  I just wanted to let you know and thank you and all the staff for your prayers for Caitlin. We remain thankful to [God] and for the seeds that were sown in Caitlin’s life at Evangelhouse Christian Academy.”

Susan P. , Washington D.C.    
2 years after graduation

more videos 

David B. from Newark, NJ,
shares about his family's experience with
Evangelhouse®. 8:54 min.

Hear David's daughter describe
a student's experience at EHCA.
Tracey B. at her sixth month at Evangelhouse®.

Nate B. from Oslo, Norway,
advises parents about
the decision to get help. 7:10 min.

David and Debbie R.  from New Orleans, LA,
share details about their life changing experience 
through Evangelhouse®. 13:18 min.

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