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  • I felt that this experience was truly life changing.

    Mark W.
  • This place is absolutely fantastic. It has changed my life for the better. God is truly the ruling factor in this place.

    Kate L.
  • This is a program that fits the triangle of help that is needed for these girls: Christian education, physical development and education. The staff is amazing in its dedication to this program and they work very hard to help these girls become good young ladies. Because of this commitment, I never worried that Katie would not improve. In fact, she improved more than I expected. I would not hesitate to recommend the program or to commend the staff.

    John M.
  • Evangelhouse was right where our daughter needed to be to become whole again. Everyone on staff is highly educated and gives their all to help each young lady become the young woman God intended for them to be. If you are looking for a true Christian experience, this is the place for you. Staff helped our daughter learn to love the Lord and his Word again. Scripture is brought into every therapy session and every class day is started with prayer and devotional time. We cannot say enough about how grateful we are to this staff for their love and care.

    Melinda S.
  • Evangelhouse is the most wonderful place of healing! Before Evangelhouse, our daughter was struggling with anxiety and depression. She was in and out of treatment facilities, but none of those programs helped. She was falling behind in school, and we weren't sure she would graduate from high school, let alone go to college. Thank God for Evangelhouse! This program transformed our daughter, and brought healing to our whole family! The staff are the most dedicated, caring and skilled Christian people you could ever hope to meet. Our daughter is now a strong, confident, and joyful young adult who has just started her freshman year in college. And we have every confidence that she will succeed. Evangelhouse is a blessing, a gift from God! I cannot recommend it highly enough!

    Carrie M.
  • I graduated in 2006, I came out of this program a better person the therapy and the schooling was excellent. They are a really good school. I am glad I went.

    Tatiana Nalepa.
  • This is the answer! I had nowhere else to turn & through my husbands internet search he mentioned this place & told me to have a look, I did, & since then our life & especially our daughters life has turned around completely! We had lost hope. We felt like failures as parents. No one understood what we went through on a daily basis with our daughter's behavior & actions. We prayed for help & Evangelhouse was the answer we had, for so long, needed! Our daughter is now a genuinely happy person who uses the tools that therapy has provided her to use in everyday life. She can see & excitedly talk about her future college & career plans, whereas, before Evangelhouse, she couldn't see or even want to plan anything good for herself. Her isolation from the world was where she was content & now she's blossomed into a young lady who has found Christ & is truly happy about where her life is heading! When asked (after 15 months of being at ECA) where she thought she would be if we hadn't enrolled her into ECA her response was "I would have ran away or been pregnant or I'd be dead." So I'm writing this to say it's not too late for your daughter. This program works & my child is living proof!!!

    Kayla G.
  • In 2007 was I dealing with a family crisis with my daughter. At the time she had just turned 17 and her mother and I had just gone through a divorce. My daughter was struggling emotionally physically and mentally. She was self-medicating alcohol marijuana and other illegal substances to help control her emotions and deal with some of her bipolar issues. I was looking for a place for my daughter to deal with all three of these difficult issues. I felt that Evangelhouse was the perfect place for my daughter. They addressed all the issues in my daughter's life emotional physical spiritual. We got to the root of all the problems they dealt with psychiatrists, psychologists and her education. I can honestly say that Evangel house not only saved my daughter's life but she was taught how to deal with all of the different emotions that she was dealing with. They didn't just teach her how to cope they taught her how to get to the bottom of the issues. They didn't just teach her how to cope they taught her how to get to the root of her problems of the day. I would highly recommend Evangel house and I think God for finding them. Evangel house changed our families future.

    Thomas W.
  • I graduated from ECA 4 years ago; coming here changed me. The staff are patient with the students, but also challenge and help them become better people. They meet each student where they are, walk with them through their healing/recovery, and invest their time and energy in them, knowing that they all have different stories, need different support, and they heal/recover at their own pace. The structure of ECA represents support, love, and encouragement. I learned what true friendship and accountability was - we were encouraged to lean, support, and love one another - exactly what the staff does. All of this might seem cheesy, but just know that ECA is an amazing place; the staff are Christ-centered and truly desire to help your daughter, sister, niece, friend see healing/recovery. I never once felt judged while I was here and I showed up with a lot of shame. ECA is a safe haven and teach their students how to be better people and help them in the transition back into the “real world”. I 100% recommend ECA to anyone who is struggling through life right now and needs a little more help. Your daughter, sister, niece, friend will find healing, love, support and encouragement from ECA

    Addison S.
  • This school literally has given my daughter her life back and has given us the tools to help her and herself into the future. This is a full circle, all encompassing program. From admission to graduation. Do not delete this school from your list! I almost did because it was far away...and...to be honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about a "Christian" school. Whether you are religious or not, don't be put off or think your child is going to be brainwashed. She's not! It is a part of the day and I thought my daughter would hate it (and so did she). But it turns out she found great comfort there and her faith! I thoroughly investigated this school. In addition to my own research, I also hired a company that researches and screens these types of programs. I also had my daughter's psychiatrist interview the director! I've done all the researching and investigating for you. Whatever your daughter's issues may be, I probably have them covered! My daughter's diagnosis' range from ADHD, Anxiety, High Risk Behavior, Adoption issues/trauma and psychosis. Do not waste your time. Don't wait for Spring or end of school or whatever timeline. Act now! The happiest day of my life was delivering her to the ECA. I actually slept for the first time in years. Knowing my daughter was finally getting the help she so deserved. Therapy, school, socialization, faith, responsibility, accountability, self-worth and confidence. We all ask or pray for help. Consider ECA as prayers answered.

    Rose B.
  • Amazing place. Truely changed my life.

    Anna P.
  • Two years ago we were struggling to get our daughter on the right track. We had tried everything and knew that she would need to be placed in a residential treatment facility. We had searched for at least a year to find the right place. Were looking for a Christian, all girls, small, therapeutic program not too far from Texas. Somehow, someway, God lead us to the Evangelhouse website. We are so glad that we took his direction because it has meant a world of difference for our daughter, our family, our marriage, and our peace of mind! Evangelhouse has taken a once broken, low-self esteem, miserable, self-centered, hostile, angry, self-doubting teenager in crisis and changed her into a Christ-centered, selfless, self-loving, servant-hearted, mature, sensible, responsible, thoughtful young adult. ECA implements a program that strips each student down to the bare necessities in order for them to focus on what is truly important in life. I don't know where we would be without ECA. I now know what it is like to have a functional, happy, and peaceful family life.

    Holly S.
  • We had a troubled teen. I found ECA online. I made a call and set up a visit. We were looking for a place that included God and biblical principles in their program. Now that our child has finished the program, WOW! Thank you ECA leadership. Everyone on staff believes in the program. It shows! and it works!!

    Mark B.
  • This place is absolutely fantastic. It has changed my life more than I can express in words. My family is whole again, and I have left my negative behaviors in the dust. This place will make all the difference for your daughter.

    Ari L.
  • If you want your daughter back - the person God created her to be - please consider Evangelhouse. We have direct experience with a successful, redemptive life transformation. We wondered ourselves whether "a year" was necessary and discovered that the process works. Trust the team at ECA to evaluate, care, teach, pray, counsel, and hold your daughter - and the family - accountable for living into the person God created her to be. It's a journey that everyone walks together.

    Brad B.
  • This school has been an absolute Godsend for my daughter and our family. We realized a few months ago that she needed residential treatment. After an exhaustive search, we found the wonderful people at Evangelhouse. They do an amazing job keeping parents updated and are always available when we call. I have been impressed with the way that they are firm with the girls but also loving and caring. The process there is amazing, especially since it involves the family also. We were so happy to find a place that provides professional counseling with a Christian focus.

    Andy P.
  • I graduated from ECA 4 years ago, and I can genuinely say that this place is truly amazing. It can and will help your daughter if she wants to put in the work. The staff and the girls I was with all made me feel like family and that I mattered. This place really saved my life, so if you are looking for a place that will help your daughter please send her here, I promise they will take care of her.

    Tori R.
  • Caitlin seems very happy, back to her “normal” self, and she is working hard at her studies. I just wanted to let you know and thank you and all the staff for your prayers for Caitlin. We remain thankful to [God] and for the seeds that were sown in Caitlin’s life at Evangelhouse Christian Academy.

    Susan P. Washington D.C.
  • Lindsey’s form of bipolar disorder is severe and has not been cured by any stretch of the imagination, but she is now able to function in our home, and in the real world. She is able to hold down a part-time job, teach a Sunday school class, and is able to ask for help when she needs it. She uses the coping skills she learned there to manage her illness.

    Tina B. New Orleans, Louisiana
  • I thought you might enjoy hearing that Natalie has been and is doing very well- and she has a great zeal for living! She was accepted this week into college. The school offered her an academic scholarship to boot. Praise God for the turn-around in Natalie's life and for the crucial role that Evangelhouse played in her transformation.

    Nate B Colorado Springs, Colorado
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