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Texas Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

Our Texas Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls enrolls many families from Texas and the surrounding states. If you are seeking a high-quality, small, girls-only private therapeutic boarding school near Texas you’ve found the right place!

We are a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for girls from Texas and all over the southeast. We serve girls from Houston, San Antoni, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, and across the US. The Evangelhouse therapeutic boarding school was established in 1995 to serve Christian families with a quality residential treatment option for troubled teen girls. We are located in Louisana.

Therapeutic Boarding School Helping Texas Girls

Since 1995 Evangelhouse Christian Academy has graduated over 200 students attending from over 30 states and 5 foreign countries. Our Christian Academy employs licensed teachers with advanced degrees who administer a nationally accredited curriculum. Our unique and thorough therapeutic evaluation process guides education planning for each student.

We value our pupils’ creativity and strive to re-ignite their passion for studying. With a traditional classroom structure and dynamic teaching methods, our small classes foster personalized learning. Our academic approach is tailored to each student’s unique needs, while inspiring them to develop solid learning skills and become confident and motivated lifelong learners.

Evangelhouse offers a comprehensive spectrum of core subjects year-round. Our instructors are highly qualified professionals with extensive therapeutic expertise. Our on-campus academy credits are completely accredited and accepted by universities and colleges. Students who complete high school at Evangelhouse will receive a diploma, while non-graduates may transfer credits to their home high school for future graduation.

Low student-to-teacher ratios accommodate learning difficulties presented by complex mood and behavior disorders. An integrative classroom day incorporates biblical teaching, group counseling, and academic work. We offer three educational tracts within our boarding school academic program. The individual attention we provide can support students who are advanced academically alongside those who may struggle.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teen Girls Benefits

For troubled teen girls or young people who need less intensive care than residential therapy (residential treatment centers) but still need some structure, therapeutic boarding schools are a great alternative.

For students with behavioral and emotional issues, such as eating disorders or low self-esteem issues, as well as learning challenges or learning disabilities, such as ADHD and Asperger’s, therapeutic boarding schools like Evangelhouse Christian Academy offer educational programs that are integrated within the therapeutic program and include specialized supervision.

Teenagers sometimes enroll in Evangelhouse directly, or they move on to a therapeutic boarding school like Evangelhouse after completing an effective residential treatment program or wilderness therapy (also known as wilderness programs). This can aid them in maintaining the benefits of their earlier therapy. A therapeutic boarding school is a wonderful option for teenagers who are obedient in their therapy and don’t need intense care.

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    Texas Girls Love Our Therapeutic Boarding School

    Evangelhouse students come from diverse backgrounds and have varying levels of academic completion and participation. Many students have fallen behind in school owing to a lack of motivation, attention, or learning style issues. For some, structured classes have become a source of despair, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

    Should I Enroll My Texas Daughter in a Therapeutic Boarding School?

    Knowing when to get help for a mental health issue is crucial. Parents frequently have the first inkling that their kid or adolescent is having difficulties because of feelings, actions, and/or environmental variables. They may act out, rebel, feel depressed or anxious as a result of these difficulties.

    Depending on the child’s age, symptoms and behaviors might vary. You can identify issues earlier if you know what to look for. These issues are frequently simpler to cure when discovered early.

    Seek assistance if you suspect your kid may be exhibiting one or more of these behaviors or symptoms. Mental health concerns can be effectively treated.

    Child Symptoms and Signs

    These are the most typical signs that a kid may have emotional, behavioral, and/or developmental issues. A mental health assessment may be necessary for kids exhibiting these symptoms.

    • Significant decline in academic achievement or bad grades
    • withdrawal from friends, family, and activities
    • issues with sleep (night terrors, nightmares, cannot sleep, sleeping a lot)
    • excessive agitation
    • Aggression that is constant, frequent, or “acts out”
    • Continuous or persistent defiance of the rules and regulations;
    • refusal to go to school regularly or frequently
    • refusal to participate in family and/or school activities
    • excessive anxiety and/or concern
    • excessive and regular outbursts
    • sexualized actions or games

    Want to get to know Evangelhouse more? Click on a button to read about our outcomes, our backstory, or facts and questions about our therapeutic academy for girls.

    Therapeutic Boarding School For Texas Girls Benefits 

    Therapeutic boarding schools in or near Texas like Evangelhouse share many similarities with typical boarding schools. However, as an added benefit, girls at Evangelhouse receive:

    1.  Regular counseling with a qualified therapist for group and individual therapy sessions.
    2. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) sessions
    3. Equine Therapy
    4. Strong bonds: Girls living together at Evangelhouse form lifetime friendships. This is crucial for social development in girls. Our focus on building a positive peer culture is key to ensuring all girls at Evangelhouse create strong peer bonds based on positivity and mutual respect. 
    5. A home-like setting with fewer students and more staff than a standard dorm
    6.  Lower student-teacher ratio than in a traditional boarding school
    7. A wide range of sports activities and community service opportunities for character building.

    While some traditional Texas girls boarding schools do offer therapeutic services with enrollment, the focus is always on the academic portion and therapy is more than likely an afterthought. Additionally, in traditional boarding schools, teachers do not meet with therapists and the school typically would not host regular treatment team meetings. 

    At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, every staff member is aware of the issues each student is going through. Teachers, coaches, counselors, and program staff alike all know how to respond to each student based on their therapeutic goals. We focus on addressing the behavioral and emotional needs of adolescent teen girls foremost, and a significant focus is also put on the academic portion of the program. Unfortunately, a standard educational environment like a typical boarding school cannot handle the issues typically presented in a student that requires a therapeutic boarding school. 

    Another difference between traditional boarding schools and a therapeutic boarding school like Evangelhouse Christian Academy is the attention we give to the cognitive learning issues our students may have. Students come into the program that is typically undergoing stress or family conflict. Even if a child is doing well in school, in most cases that child’s academic performance will take off to even higher levels once their stressors are properly addressed. This is why having academics as part of a mental health program can be valuable. 

    In a traditional learning environment, teachers would not be prepared to accelerate a child’s academic work so quickly as their mental health issues improve. At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, your daughter will benefit from having a host of professionals on her side as she makes progress. Our teachers and licensed therapists will ensure that your daughter is on track academically. We will ensure she develops healthy long-lasting relationships. 


    Our Therapeutic Boarding School Helps Texas Girls

    Troubled Teen girls from all over the world come to the Evangelhouse Christian Academy to recuperate. Every aspect of the campus was chosen to promote recovery.

    We have many on-campus activities from sports to horseback riding. Evangelhouse Christian Academy strikes the ideal balance between seclusion and accessibility. Our girls and their families have access to a variety of rehabilitative and recreational activities on a private and secure campus. The girls will have the opportunity to gain stability before participating in off-campus activities.

    With supervision, students experience the social atmosphere, group therapeutic process, and spiritual tone of campus life. We nurture a positive peer culture that emphasizes social responsibility, accountability, and leadership. The staff leads weekly interactive small-group meetings to teach students character development within their current social interactions. Here students learn relevant ways to apply biblical teachings to their actions. As students progress, they learn to look beyond themselves to provide encouragement and support for others.

    Students participate in a variety of positive peer culture development activities including:

    • Biblical character development
    • Discipleship small group meetings
    • Leadership training
    • Student council
    • Weekly zone group staff feedback

    If you have any questions about our approach to therapy for girls, please call us at 1-800-924-4012 or visit our contact page to receive more information.

    Therapeutic Boarding School Treatment for Depression

    Depression is generally a more common, and potentially more impactful illness than most girls realize. Research tells us that an estimated 3.2 million teenagers in the United States experienced at least one major depressive episode. It’s no surprise that quality treatment options like Evangelhouse Christian Academy are in demand. Current statistics tell us that approximately 13% of teenagers will experience sadness before they reach adulthood.

    At Evangelhouse Christian Academy, our students are included in a close-knit peer group. We limit our total census to just 16 girls at a time. Also, with the absence of smartphones, our girls learn how to express themselves and their frustrations face-to-face, not through a screen. Overuse of electronic devices may be preventing young people from hobbies, religion, sports, friendships and socializing, which might help them avoid depression in the first place. 

    Our mission is to enable our girls to learn the skills to overcome issues like depression, anger, relationship problems, ADHD, and more. Part of the program focuses on the transition home as students learn to manage their symptoms in the next environment.

    Depression rates among adolescents, particularly among females, have risen over the past decade, with around 8% of teens reporting being depressed. If your daughter has depression, now is the time to get help. As behaviors become more ingrained the more they are practiced, it’s important to break the cycle with your child as soon as possible. Complete an admissions assessment today to get started.


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