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Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls with Anger Problems

We are a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for girls with anger management issues. We serve girls with anger, depression, anxiety, problematic behavior, social issues, family discord, and more. The Evangelhouse therapeutic boarding school was established in 1995 to serve Christian families with a quality residential treatment option for troubled teen girls.

Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls: Anger Treatment

When a troubled teen experiences a serious academic setback, it is important to redirect their behavior. At Evangelhouse, our program enables students to re-establish academic goals, and engage in a plan of action that accelerates learning to make up missed credits and graduation requirements. Most importantly, each student will receive individualized instruction that is tailor-made for their academic needs. The notable difference at Evangelhouse when compared to traditional school settings is that students with learning problems such as dyslexia or ADHD/ADD among others will receive individualized instruction that addresses their needs.  In this setting, it is possible to adjust the pace of instruction and instructors build strong working relationships with their students.

Additional mental health issues that weigh into your daughter’s academic performance may include and not be limited to the following: energy levels, attentiveness, reliability, mental capacity, and optimism. There exists substantial research to support the fact that depression contributes to declining grade point averages and anxiety. Studies have also connected an increase in depression among the teenage population to an increase in dropout rates among high school students. 

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Teen Anger: Treating in a Girls Therapeutic Academy

Anger is frequently a symptom that someone is having difficulty processing or coping with more serious emotions. When teen girls don’t know what to do or how to address a situation, they often become enraged. Teens girls may have a harder time dealing with complicated emotions than others because they generally lack experience or coping abilities. They are also frequently unaware of how to recognize whether something is an issue.

Teen girls become increasingly self-aware as they mature. When teen girls are furious, learning to be self-aware might help them establish self-control. Anger was shown to be more prevalent among men and younger individuals in a recent study, and it was linked to poor psychosocial functioning. This might have catastrophic ramifications. Teens must learn to regulate their anger rather than allowing it to rule them.

The Consequences of Anger

Anger, if left addressed, may lead to a range of health issues. Rage can lead to difficulties related to unmanaged stress. Irritable bowel syndrome, elevated blood pressure, and a weakened immune system are all examples of this. According to the report, unrestrained anger in teenagers might lead to asthma-related disorders. Anger can also have a direct effect on the airways, making an asthma attack worse.

To dull their rage and feel calm, some teenagers turn to drugs or alcohol. Adding substance misuse to the mix may be devastating because the teenage brain is prone to developing an attachment to substances, which can last far into adulthood. Teenagers may try drugs, creating chemical changes in their brains. As a result, even if they are aware that their usage is harmful, they may be unable to quit using such medicines. It’s a precarious situation.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls are Needed to Treat Anger

Depressive symptoms affect about 15% of adolescents and teenagers, and sadness can manifest itself in the form of rage or irritation. Furthermore, teen girls who have been through some form of trauma are more prone to respond angrily to events. Teenagers can also experience greater angry outbursts as a result of a variety of psychological conditions.

These are some of the disorders where angry outbursts can be seen. Evangelhouse Christian Academy is well-equipped to treat all of these disorders:
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Bipolar Disorder
Disorders of Personality
Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Anxiety and depression
Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)
Learning Disabilities, such as Dyslexia or ADHD, as a result of substance abuse

Anger and Well-Being

Anger puts a lot of strain on the heart, making it work much harder than it needs to. It’s been connected to heart disease for a long time. Adult women who erupt in rage, according to news sources, are at a higher risk of developing health problems. They are more likely to suffer a stroke and die at a younger age than people who do not have anger issues. As a result, an anger problem can lead to early mortality and a life of misery.



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