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Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls with Spiritual Problems

If you’re looking at boarding schools for your teen daughter, you might be shocked at how many possibilities there are. Sending your child to another state for their education is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent, so it’s important to compare options and understand of all of your daughter’s needs will be met. This includes spiritual, academic, social, therapeutic, and physical needs.

There are many differences between a Christian boarding school and a traditional boarding school. Christian boarding schools place a strong focus on spiritual development. This is ideal for youngsters who have grown up in a Christian family. If your child falls into this group and you’ve watched them drift away from Christ no matter what you’ve done, a Christian boarding school will help them reclaim their faith. Traditional boarding schools are non-religious and generally provide discipline, structure, and their own set of ideas and ideals. This is usually preferable for pupils who do not have a religious affiliation or for youngsters who do not require a significant change of heart.

Our Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls with Spiritual Problems

Evangelhouse Christian Academy is a Christian boarding school based upon biblical principles. An authentic relationship with Jesus Christ is nurtured and developed within the school’s setting and through local church involvement. An overriding emphasis on conservative Christian values permeates all segments of the program. The Christian emphasis seamlessly integrates with professional counseling and clinical aspects of the school.

Although it is never forced, our lively spiritual atmosphere, discipleship curriculum, interactive worship, and church involvement encourage students to explore the benefits of a life-changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

A protected Christian environment

Christian families who enroll their daughter at Evangelhouse can rest assured she will be surrounded by a spiritually safe environment with conservative Christian values. Boarding students live on campus and are protected from the influence of unhealthy media, secular music, internet distractions, and destructive elements of today’s pop culture.

Professional Christian staff

Students at Evangelhouse are supported in Christian beliefs with qualified ministry-minded instructors. All staff at Evangelhouse hold relevant professional degrees and student ministry experience. The staff at Evangelhouse not only teach a Christian lifestyle, they live it.

Christian character development

Evangelhouse students are instructed in practical applied life skills through biblical teachings. Students participate in weekly small group discipleship meetings that include a culmination of readings, biblical passages, and psychological principles. For the first stages, students work on character development. As spiritual growth becomes evident in their lives, students are trained in peer leadership.

Church and youth group involvement

While the school maintains a non-denominational approach, Evangelhouse has a special relationship with First Assembly of God Church in Lafayette, Louisiana. Students attend Sunday morning worship and mid-week youth group meetings. Staff supervises their involvement, but students are welcomed by the people of the church. Since 1995, First Assembly and Evangelhouse have worked together to provide teens the opportunity for an authentic experience with God. The church provides a chance for students to explore and experience God in a renewed way, yet these teens are taught to honor their parents’ denominational background within that renewed relationship. Families from a variety of Catholic and Protestant Church backgrounds find this approach effective for reconnecting their daughter to God through Jesus Christ.

Treatment for Troubled Teens with Spiritual Problems

At Evangelhouse, we treat the entire person, not just one aspect of the problem. This is where many therapy programs run short. Consider the last time you were sick or needed significant help. Did you pray about it and ask God for help? Many, if not most people rely on their higher power during times of crisis. Not including God in your treatment plan is missing a significant piece of the puzzle.

The atmosphere in a Christian boarding school like Evangelhouse Christian Academy is much different from that of traditional schools. The girls at Evanhelhouse have a healthy peer community and therefore place a greater emphasis on their faith and positive goals.

Being around Christian students who are taking their academics and self-improvement seriously will improve your daughter’s performance, confidence, and ability to achieve. As we become who we associate with, surrounding your daughter with students that care about the future and share values will ensure she is on the correct track.

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