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Therapeutic Summer Camp for Girls

A therapeutic summer camp for girls like Evangelhouse offers more than just a short summer program. Therapeutic summer camps for girls tend to be not enough time for girls with emotional and behavioral issues like depression, trauma, ADHD, family discord, and more.

Consider the amount of time it took to develop issues in today’s troubled teen girl. A short therapeutic summer camp lasting only a few weeks will only scratch the surface. Girls need enough time to fully integrate into the therapeutic program. It takes several weeks to just overcome resistance and for a teen girl to accept that they must learn to get along with their new peer group and assimilate into a therapeutic milieu.

Therapeutic Summer Program Staff

At Evangelhouse, we have a fully credentialed staff consisting of licensed therapists, day staff, and access to a psychiatrist and psychologist. Most, if any, of the therapeutic summer camps out there do not have this level of expertise at their disposal. Additionally, staff members at most therapeutic summer camps are only temporary employees. The quality of staff in therapeutic summer camps tends to be lower than at therapeutic year-round programs like Evangelhouse.

Therapeutic summer camps for girls also tend to be quite chaotic. Often, hundreds of young campers show up all at once to new, poorly trained staff. At Evangelhouse, your daughter will become a member of a healthy peer community that is already established in a healthy routine.

Finally, therapeutic summer camps for girls do not offer an academic component. If you enroll your daughter in Evangelhouse starting this summer, she can continue to work on academics while enjoying much fun, outdoorsy activities typically offered at a therapeutic summer camp. If your daughter is behind academically, she can catch up to her peers over the summer and even perhaps get ahead, depending on her level of effort.



Evangelhouse Christian Academy is a Christian boarding school based upon biblical principles.


We integrate professional therapeutic services with Christian, biblical values.


Our licensed teachers with advanced degrees administer a nationally accredited curriculum.


Every student is included as a valued member of the peer group and part of the positive peer culture.


Students learn assertiveness, empowerment, mood management, and character development.


Within each Lifeleaf stage, students have professional feedback to guide their progress and behavior.

Summer Therapy Benefits

Many families find it challenging to commit to a consistent, weekly therapy plan during the academic year. It may feel like there is just one more item to fit into your already crowded schedule—your therapy appointments. This is regrettable since we know from both experience and study that teen girls benefit most and most permanently from regular attendance for about 12 months, which is our typical enrollment period.

Teen girls of today are expected to be more autonomous, more mature, and to have better organization and self-management abilities as they go up the grades. Along with rising societal pressures and shifting class dynamics, there are also rising academic standards. Sadly, schools frequently do a poor job of preparing our pupils for these difficulties. Depending on the teacher and the availability of class time, support in these areas might be hit or miss. Teen girls can get the missing abilities they need in counseling, including organizing, planning, managing bullying, coping with peer pressure, and establishing friends. Our doctors can modify their strategies to meet the unique requirements of your kid.

The summer offers teen girls the ideal chance to maximize each therapy session. During the summer, they have fewer obligations and demands, so they show up to treatment sessions rested and prepared to work.

Summer’s limited obligations might be enjoyable, but they can also make you bored. Many teen girls wind up spending all day on the couch, playing computer games for hours, or even napping. Regular therapy schedules, like those of girls at Evangelhouse, can provide your daughter with a feeling of success and structure in their seemingly limitless independence.

The summer season may contribute to loneliness and isolation, much like boredom. Individual or group therapy sessions provide your daughter with opportunities for social engagement. Therapy serves as a launchpad for developing general social skills and interpersonal communication. Students may find them to be of great use in the upcoming academic year.

Our Unique LifeLeaf System

The LifeLeaf system at Evangelhouse Christian Academy gives everyday living experiences of relationships with staff, peers, and parents during our summer therapeutic camp program. Dysfunctional coping skills and misperceptions of the student are often reenacted at Evangelhouse Christian Academy, and the girls have the opportunity to work through them with the help of skilled, competent, and caring treatment staff.

Parents often prefer to find a program that can create some distance from their daughter’s current stressors. This is so she will focus on the issues at hand, and not focus on her boyfriend, friends, pets, or family while getting treatment. Also, the temptation to call a friend to “rescue” her is diminished with some distance. While we are located in Louisana, we have enrolled girls from all 50-states. 

Spiritual growth is a unique aspect of the Evangelhouse program, a viable summer therapy camp alternative. Students are urged to take notes during church sermons, establish personal bible study habits, and set aside time for prayer. 

Every school day begins with a student-led group prayer and devotional reflection for the day. Before participating in a peer-led prayer group each night before bed, the group is given time for personal contemplation. Weekly group meetings are arranged to share challenges and offer support to the peer group. Each individual is also supervised and guided by staff members as they build healthy spiritual disciplines.

Many young girls have found their place in the world and lived a life of faith thanks to the Evangelhouse experiential education and family counseling method. Our Christian life-coaching program provides adolescent girls the self-assurance they need to face challenges and succeed. We urge kids to apply biblical principles to real-life circumstances and to rely on these principles to assist them through their adolescent years and beyond.

Evangelhouse all-girls, private boarding school is a twelve-month, year-round school which means your daughter may be admitted at any point in the year. If you have any questions about the program please call us at 1-800-924-4012 or visit our contact page.



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