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Providing Treatment Excellence in a Christian Environment

Why Therapy at Evangelhouse is Effective

Often, parents express concern over enrolling at a therapeutic boarding school because they’ve tried therapy at home and the child wouldn’t engage with the therapist, or therapy just didn’t work. Evangelhouse is different. We provide therapy “in the moment” (often referred to as “milieu therapy”) along with individual one-on-one therapy.

When therapy is done in the moment, we can address exactly what happened because we were there. One shortfall of outpatient therapy is that the therapist is completely dependent on the version of events as relayed by the patient. At Evangelhouse, therapists and residential mentors alike are there throughout the day, ready to intervene, question thinking, and offer coping skills to address misunderstandings and inappropriate reactions to social cues.

Further, therapists can help students at Evangelhouse practice coping skills in the moment. In outpatient therapy, all a therapist is able to do is discuss how we will handle conflict next time. At Evangelhouse, students practice new ways of interacting in real-time, preparing them for a successful transition back to the home environment.


I felt that Evangelhouse was the perfect place for my daughter. They addressed all the issues in my daughter’s life emotional physical spiritual. We got to the root of all the problems they dealt with psychiatrists, psychologists, and her education. I can honestly say that Evangel house not only saved my daughter’s life but she was taught how to deal with all of the different emotions that she was dealing with. They didn’t just teach her how to cope they taught her how to get to the bottom of the issues. They didn’t just teach her how to cope they taught her how to get to the root of her problems of the day. I would highly recommend Evangel house and I think God for finding them. Evangel house changed our family’s future.

-Thomas W.

Milieu Therapy Elements

The ideal atmosphere for milieu therapy has five components. These are: ‌

  1. Support. Milieu treatment flourishes in a relaxed, not rigorous, setting. Patients are given time to adjust to their surroundings. Therapists and residential mentors provide personalized support to help with the process. This speeds up progress.
  2. Structure. Regular, predictable habits help develop trust. Consistency promotes health-improving learning opportunities.
  3. Validation. The milieu treatment setting at Evangelhouse is warm and inviting in a Christian atmosphere. It’s a safe haven for the vulnerable. Protection helps people to build new behaviors and life skills.
  4. Involvement. These are routines that promote sociability. Therapists can help members create new ways to reciprocate and form connections.
  5. Containment. Milieu treatment settings have constraints. The rules are constant and explicitly explained to the therapy patients. ‌

These components ensure that all patients receive the same treatment. They also assist establish self-sustaining environments that can promote mental wellness even when caregivers are absent.


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