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Established 1995 
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our mission, vision, values, & goals 

Our mission

At Evangelhouse, within the context of Christian, Biblical values we engage troubled teen students in a five-stage growth process toward spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical maturity.

Our vision

We aspire to be a house of excellence and a Christian option within the marketplace of private, parent-choice therapeutic schools.

We are

Christ centered

We believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. As God's son, Jesus was both human and divine. We believe every student can have restored fellowship with God and for Jesus to be her personal savior by trusting Christ and through faith and repentance. We base our approach to obtaining a transformed life on this trust.

Biblically based

We teach students that the Scriptures are inspired by God and that the Bible declares His design and plan for mankind.


We support traditional time-honored biblical family values in our teachings, our professional conduct, and our personal lives.

We see our ministry as important to the needs of our nation. We teach civic responsibility, honor of those who died for freedom, and our nation's Christian heritage.

We teach students to honor their parents by expressing their renewed relationship with God within their Christian denominational heritage.

We believe in the quality of being trustworthy, real, and genuine in relationships with each other, our students, and their families. We therefore model authenticity in each of these relationships.


We believe that there is great value in serenity, in the absence of pretense, and in the presence of clarity within our school culture.


While leading our clients to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, we make use of the best that modern professional expertise has to offer. We do so without compromising the integrity of either.

Family focused

We focus on the family as a whole while treating the individual student. We acknowledge a temporary separation is necessary, yet we involve students' families and prepare them for lasting success.


While limited in how many individuals can be reached, we are highly committed to those we do reach. We view the wellbeing of our clients as a charge to keep.


We address problems systemically.


We skillfully employ the most recent research data, professional tools, and therapeutic techniques with energy and a passion to be effective for our students.


We support parental responsiblity and parental authority, and we recognize these are God given.

Our goals

1.  Provide students a real experience with God through Jesus Christ.

2. Engage every student in a five-stage growth process toward spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical maturity.

3. Through knowledge, understanding, and wisdom support Christian parents in establishing their families.

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