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Depression in Teenage Girls

Do you ever wonder whether your agitated or moody youngster may genuinely be suffering from teen depression? Unhappiness is a common feeling among teenagers. And it’s simple to understand why teens’ emotions fluctuate like a pendulum when hormone turmoil is added to the numerous other changes taking place in their lives. However, research indicates that teen depression affects one in every eight teens. However, both depression and the major issues it causes may be remedied. Therefore, if your teen is unhappy for more than two weeks and exhibits additional indications of depression, it may be time to seek medical attention. At Evangelhouse, we offer therapeutic services to help alleviate the symptoms of depression at its root.

What is Depression?

A medical condition known as major depressive disorder has an adverse effect on your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Teenagers experience depression rather frequently, and if it is not addressed, it may worsen or become chronic. In fact, depression has grown so prevalent among teenagers that 20 percent of them will suffer it before they are 18. Of course, some teenagers are at higher risk than others due to certain variables. Teenage depression has several established risk factors, including:

  • Being female: teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to experience depression
  • Earlier instances (history) of abuse or neglect
  • A family history of mental illness or depression
  • History of abusing drugs
  • A traumatic past
  • Adolescents with long-term illnesses

If any of these risk factors have been present in your child’s life, depression may be something to watch out for. It’s also conceivable that your youngster is depressed despite not having been exposed to any risk factors. Here are a few typical depression symptoms and indications to watch out for in teenagers:

  • Using alcohol or other drugs
  • Recklessness, dangerous behavior, or violence
  • Having issues in school
  • A low sense of self
  • Sentiments of despair, frustration, wrath, or impatience on a regular basis
  • Social isolation

Why do Young People get Depression?

Teenagers might develop depression for a variety of causes. For instance, teens may have emotions of worthlessness and inadequacy due to their academic performance. How a teen feels may be significantly influenced by a variety of factors, including family life, sexual orientation, peer relationships, and academic success. Teenage depression can occasionally be brought on by environmental stress. Whatever the reason, there is a strong likelihood that a kid is depressed if spending time with friends, and family, or engaging in activities that they typically love doesn’t help to lessen their melancholy or sense of loneliness.

Can Teenage Depression Go Away On Its Own?

Teenage depression frequently goes through phases. Teenagers who have experienced depression are more likely than not to experience it again in the future. Teenage depression may have significant, even fatal, effects if left untreated. If your teenage daughter is suffering from depression, contact us today about admissions at Evangelhouse.

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