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Mental Health and Learning Issues

For teen girls especially, mental health issues can have a detrimental influence on many aspects of their lives, including their relationships with friends and family, academic performance, physical health, and contentment with their college experience. These problems may also influence students’ long-term work prospects, financial stability, and general health.

Repercussions for the Student

Student performance might be hampered by mental health issues that impair their degree of vigor, focus, reliability, mental capacity, and optimism. According to research, sadness and anxiety co-occurring in teen girls might strengthen the link between depression and poorer grade point averages. The decision to leave school has also been associated with depression.

Many college students claim that their studies are hampered by mental health issues. According to the American College Health Association’s 2015 study, the following mental health conditions had a detrimental effect on college students’ academic performance during the previous year:

  • Stress (30% of students)
  • Worry (22%)
  • Difficulty sleeping (20%)
  • Anxiety (14%).

Perceptual impairments, such as the inability to read body language, facial expressions, or verbal clues, can cause particular learning problems, leading to unpleasant social interactions. In general, these contribute to poor social skills, which in turn cause alienation or social conflict. Addictive impulsivity is also a factor in this. This is why boarding schools like Evangelhouse which have a positive social structure, led by qualified staff, can be so beneficial to girls that are falling behind in school.

Girls who have learning impairments and ADHD are frequently the targets of bullying behaviors and are made fun of by their classmates. Learning impairments frequently result in low self-esteem.

Failure in school results in disengagement from educational environments. Adolescents and young adults with learning difficulties who haven’t gotten the right academic support and services are more likely than average to start abusing drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Teens who drop out of school are more likely to engage in unlawful activity, end up in jail or prison, and become adolescent mothers. School dropout is highly correlated with functional illiteracy.

At Evangelhouse, we give your daughter the opportunity to catch back up in school and even get ahead, as long as they put in the effort. Our specialized curriculum helps students with learning issues feel successful in school, often something that the student has not experienced in many semesters.

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